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Charleston Sanitary District (the “District”) was formed on June 16, 1967 pursuant to Oregon Revised Statures Chapter 450. Covering 3.3 square miles, the District serves the area of Charleston, Barview and Crown Point. Outside the District boundaries, service is also provided to the Port of Coos Bay, Bastendorff Beach State Park, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Coquille Indian Housing Authority. The estimated population within the District is approximately 3,162.

Charleston Sanitary District operates and maintains sewage collection lines and pump stations for the purpose of forwarding wastewater and secondary sewage to the City of Coos Bay, Oregon´s Wastewater Treatment Plan No.2. The First Intergovernmental Agreement for Treatment with the City of Coos Bay was entered into on May, 1974. In the mid and late 1970´s the District´s goals included constructing the system currently in existence and concentrated on serving areas with suspected health and environmental problems resulting from failings on-site septic systems. Today, the District´s goals focus on maintaining the collection system, economizing system operations, maximizing available treatment capacity, and controlling the expansion of inflow and infiltration (I & I) flows.

A five member elected Board of Directors governs the District. The Directors terms are overlapping four-year terms.

Board of Directors

  • Connie Green
  • Linda Koepke
  • Nick Nylander
  • Geri Glazier
  • Gerard Smith

General Manager

  • Deren Dibble

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